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Want to know my #1 tip to learn faster? – Slow down!

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People often ask me about the most important advice I can give them when it comes to Dot Painting.

The first one which comes to my mind, that I believe is the most crucial is-SLOW DOWN!

Slowing down means to do whatever you are doing with deeper intent and greater attentiveness.

It means you are living in the moment, immersed in the art.

It might sound like the cliché – “Be in the moment” or “Live the moment”, but…

Remember, your Mandala dotting art is much more than the end product

It is a meditative process as well as the expression of your soul. It is the number one factor influencing your outcome, that is, your product.

How to slow down and “be in the moment” when dotting?

Did you think I’ll just drop the bomb with no manual or instructions? If you are a regular reader of my posts and have purchased one of my  courses, you’d know that my approach towards my work is very methodical and I lay special emphasis on making it understandable as well as easy to apply. So, here are a few ways to gain mindfulness and make the most of the time you dedicate to dot painting:

Zoom in: Get your face closer to your dotting surface

Yes! Watch closely to how the dot is created and observe the moment the dot separates from the

brush and rests on the surface. You can’t do this while hovering over like an eagle and spreading dots like running ants. (Don’t get fooled by those misleading time-lapse videos and remember that they are 16 to 60 times faster than what happens in reality).

You need to set your viewing angle, land it down and slow down to a state of inactivity. If that means you have to lift up your surface, DO IT! (Also take a break from time to time to stretch your body).


Don’t forget to breathe while you’re dotting, even for a few seconds. When you breathe inconsistently, your painting hands do not get the required oxygen and as a result your hands get shaky.

The more deeply and calmly you breathe, the more relaxed you’ll be. You will have more control over your hands and they’ll therefore remain stable.

Try it yourself: While dotting, pay attention to your breath, fix it as instructed above and watch how you regain control over your hands and as a result, how you are more accurate as well.

Leverage the meditative state that comes with dotting

Enhance your recreational activities like listening to music, a subliminal or non-subliminal meditation, affirmations, or an audiobook that discusses about a POSITIVE change in your mindset with the help of the meditative state offered by dotting (find some great books here).

Dotting is a MEDITATIVE state of mind in itself that you don’t want to miss out on!

Leverage it to get more out of your life, deeper love, increased happiness, greater wealth, and better health.

Make sure YOU take out time for YOURSELF, which is your lone, private time with no interruptions and a whole lot of self-care eventually facilitating your overall growth.

I would like to conclude by saying- Slow down to learn faster!



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    Chantell Weglage
    8 May 2020

    Great advice! May have to try some audible books.

      10 May 2020

      they are awesome ! I’ll hang more of those I really liked.Thank you dear Chantell.

    8 May 2020

    Very true and beautifully written dear Liona . I actually had gone through this. While painting if I want to take a break then forcefully I sit there and want to just finish that section of art. Then for sure it doesn’t comes out that beautiful how it should be if I have done that after a break. Thanks for sharing this

      10 May 2020

      It just proves itself again and again, so I listen. thank you dear Sweety!

    Jagdeesh Gill
    10 May 2020

    Spot on 🙂 So very true . When i do it fast it goes messy

      10 May 2020

      Oh, I know that one! thank you dear!

    10 May 2020

    The best advice dear Liona – advice that has helped my dotting journey so much more enjoyable.

      13 May 2020

      Thank you dear Leone, I am happy you can relate.

    Vicki Fotheringham
    21 May 2020

    Thank you so much for this beautiful message Liona! I have always loved your “energy”. I appreciate you thinking of me. Something I have definitely experienced; learning that being hasty while dotting leads to mistakes.

      21 May 2020

      Dear Vicky,
      I, too, learned it the “hard” way, and have to remind myself to slow. It is also a practice.
      Love to you!

    13 Jun 2020

    Hi Liona! I am new at mandala painting. I just happened across your page and I was immediately drawn in. Your words are exactly what I need to hear! Thank you. I will be coming back to listen and learn.

      13 Jun 2020

      Dear Cynthia,
      I am pleased to know these words have touched and helped you.
      Please come back anytime.

    Anja Nagtegaal
    27 Aug 2020

    Dear Liona,thank you for your words,needed them.I started dotting 4 months ago and I allready made 152 pieces.But I need to slow down.I try, but after a while I go faster and faster and it gets messy and not straight at all.I am 61 years young now but my head is like hyper.Dotting slows me down,makes me calm and relaxed but I keep making the same mistake by going faster.Because I want it to be finisched.Dont no why,its a bit silly,but I am like in a hurry.Hope you understand my Englisch.I will follow you and maybe one day I will slow down.Your colouruse is just gorgeous.Love Anja

      29 Aug 2020

      Dear Anja,
      I do understand perfectly! slowing down is for itself a practice and the benefits are amazing. Don’t try to get it all at once but if you catch yourself hurrying try to simply breath deeply and stop for just a moment. little moments like this are gathering slowly and without noticing you will feel better.
      take care

    Jennifer Liu
    11 Sep 2020

    Good advice and something I have to remind myself to do this while painting. I can always tell the days when min mind is ready. I know my outcomes will be exactly as I envision it. Love the art work images you share on your blog. Beautiful!

      18 Sep 2020

      Thank you Jennifer, yes when we are alined with our art it all falls in place.

    Alexandra Makri
    13 Jan 2021

    Dear Liona! your voice is so calming and amazing as your art. This precious advice of ”slow down” was a generous gift for me when i saw yr instagram stories. I confirmed it now again with this message. You were and will be always my mentor in this journey. As i have told you in a personal message, after a very importat bad fact in my life your art appeared in front of me and changed everything. I will do yr course on 1st of March. I feel very nervous since i am selftaught but i am willing to follow yr advices. Your blog is so beautiful!
    Love Alexandra (BlossomDrops by Alexandra)

      13 Jan 2021

      Dear Alexandra,
      You made my day with this comment- thank you thank you! I feel so honoured to be able to help, even if it’s just a little. I am happy you found this enriching and waiting to meet you in March.
      Love, Liona

    Barbie Calzado
    25 Aug 2021

    On another post u said “Make that space! U cannot fill a cup that is already full.” And omg- I had a distinct moment of clear, rational understanding about my entire life. Now I know what must be done. Thank u so very much for ur very wise words!

      Liona Hotta
      27 Aug 2021

      Dear Barbie,
      I am so happy you can relate! it works again and again, in all levels and in all areas. you are so welcome and thank you for your read and comment.

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